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Artists In Residence
Anastasia Prokofieva
Anastasia Prokofieva is a Ukrainian artist muralist who is currently based in The Hague. Before the start of the war in Ukraine, she lived and worked in Kharkiv.

Anastasia explores a human being in all its expressions, both visually and emotionally. Her practices are the basis for creating a metaphysical universe in which a person is placed in a given situation.

She is particularly interested in the interpretation of the connection between human and environment. And in looking at the changes that occur in the aftermath.

In her works Anastasia tends towards introspection, searching for symbols and their expressions. Her main themes are the search for new worlds on the periphery of dreaming.

She expresses this theme through mediums such as painting, ceramics and papier mâché sculpture.
At the WasteBar you can get a drink or a snack and pay with litter, such as cans and cigarette butts. Because litter has (circular) value. The Waste Bar turns the waste into new raw materials for products. They are currently looking at how cigarette butts can be biologically degraded or how to make a usable plastic or textile from them. This is how the circle is complete. At the WasteBar you can experience what the future looks like.

Results of the research in both up-cycling and down-cycling possibilities of litter are exhibited at the WasteHub.

Visit the website:
Join our awesome silent disco parties on the 1st Friday of every month. Keep an eye out for this event on our facebook page.
Silent Disco
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Vlad Tretiak
Vlad Tretiak’s practice is memory-based and multi-disciplinary, including video, photo collage, land art, painting and installation. He was born and lives in the village of Novaya Vodolaga, Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

Vlad looks at the human destiny as a phenomenon and an act of life and death. In the process of creating his work he inevitably expresses a sense of disaster, which leads him to a new search for forms and meanings in art.
Vlad explores his own identity through the memory and history of his family and homeland.

Using the avant-garde-poetic method, his art balances on the edge of fact, fiction and fantasy, making it an art of post-truth.

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Vlad and Anastasia got to know each other while studying at the the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
Later, they became co-founders and members of the art group Sudbizm, which also has two other members.

The idea behind the art group Sudbizm is the realisation that each of our projects is inextricably linked to the experience we are living in and to the context of what is going on around us. It is a symbiosis of the internal and the external, it is the randomness of events and, at the same time, their fatalism.
About Art Group Sudbizm
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Project at The Creative Playground
As a participant of the Mondrian Foundation Programme for Ukrainian artists, Anastasia creates her project with the support and mentoring of the LDD foundation at The Creative Playground.

Her project is an exploration of the inevitable adaptation to the war context and the irreversible changes in life, as well as attempts to adapt to the new reality.

An important part of the project is a collaboration with Vlad Tretiak, an artist who has been in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The goal of the project is the combination of different experiences of adaptation to a new reality. It will offer a perspective of a person who has been staying in the country since the start of the war (Vlad Tretyak) and an experience of a person who left the country and has been trying to adapt to new realities abroad (Anastasia Prokofieva).

Whether by evoking nature, escaping into fantasies of the past or confronting what is happening at the present moment, they will use transformation as a response to the search for identity in new circumstances.
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