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Wave Makers - HKU theatre graduation show June 2021
Theatre Design
- Plune Verhees
- Sajaan Hofstede

Interactive Performance Design
- Robin van E
- Robin Krijgsman
Theatre Design - Plune Verhees

Broken or left behind (leftovers of) things have something sad about them. Because they once belonged to someone. Anyone loved it? It has touched, it has used, it has found it useful, it has cherished. As part of my graduation, I take care of what exists, but has lost a home.
I think things and people are inseparable. Everything would be different without stuff. We like to carry all kinds of things with us. The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction by Ursula K. Le Guin is a plea for shifting the focus from the masculine hero, the hunter, to the gatherer, the bearer of livelihood. 'Long term run' vs 'short term thrill'. Le Guin calls the carrier bag a necessary condition for human existence.
Rediscovering the value of all things that exist is a counter-reaction to both the urge for innovation and overproduction, and the trend of being able or having to declutter.

Theatre Design - Sajaan Hofstede

Cherish – interactive installation
HERE - a visual research in which Plune search for the boundary between being there and not being there.
Omarmme is an intimate, sensory and individual experience about the importance of touch and skin contact. The participant takes place in the object and experiences a soft embrace in smell, sound and feeling.
Interactive Performance Design - Robin van E
The process machine: About the importance of creativity in schools

Interactive Performance Design - Robin Krijgsman
Robin focuses his passion on what it essentially means to be human in an increasingly complex environment. He shapes this through visionary, modern forms of theatre, art, philosophy and research.
At The Creative Playground Robin offered VR bike rides that explored the development and transformation of Utrecht over time.
Graduation exhibition HKU Masters of Fine Art - June 2021
Masters of Fine Art
- Angelina Kumar
Reflection Pods, multi-object installation made with wood rescued from a construction site, 212 x
120.5 cm each, 2021.

The Reflection Pods presented in this exhibition are made from rescued wood and created with the
intention to quiet the busyness of the external world. They invite you to step inwards, to
connect with oneself and with nature–from whence we came. 
Workshops for HKU first year fine art students March 2021
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In 2021 The Creative Playground hosted 8 artists in residence. These residences resulted in experimental workshops and events. We also conducted workshops for the bachelor students of fine art from the HKU in Utrecht as well as hosted the gradation projects from the theatre and masters of fine art students.